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I had never needed body work done on a car but got into an accident and realized I now had to delve into the sludge of one of the shadiest business netherworlds around; auto body shops. After looking around on Yelp for decent sounding shops that my insurance company had relationships with, I decided to bring my car into Precise Auto Body. I was beyond satisfied with my experience. Mike, the shop manager, did a hell of a job finding parts and matching/blending paints seemlessly between the newly painted parts and the preexisting parts that still have the car's original factory paint. The welding work under the hood was also of top quality. The car took a couple days longer than anticipated but not a huge discrepancy and a small price to pay for lasting quality work. It's a professional operation and I would definitely recommend it, especially to other Mercury policy holders, based on my experience.

- Admiral R.

This place is truly the best body shop in Los Angeles. First off the staff treats you like gold!!! They are so friendly and go out of their way to make sure your vehicle gets the best treatment possible. They are fast, reliable, and very reasonable in their prices. They will make sure your vehicle looks fabulous!!!! A crackhead hit my car and my insurance company wrote the estimate with a used grill. These guys put a new grill on there and didn't charge me extra. What a saint!!! I love these guys and won't any other body shop touch my car. If you here you will be extremely satisfied.

- Karen C.

One night as I was acting as the d.d. and driving my friends home, I was stopped at a light where someone rear ended me. It was a very light hit, but a strong jolt throughout the car. She proceeded to drive off as if nothing happened so I chased her, took a picture of her car and made a police report. As soon as I got home, it was about 4 in the morning and I made a claim. That same day I was directed to Precise, where they took pictures of my car and did a whole inspection. Through the police report and the picture of her car and her plate, we contacted their insurance company, in which we were directed back to Precise, as they also have a claim office in the same building, and went through the same thing again. After the inspection, the claims guy cut me a check on the spot. I also asked the Precise guys about a couple of body parts that I was planning on switching to aftermarket or a factory model, they were honest and told me it would be a waste of money to have Precise do it, and to go aftermarket. They gave me a comparison to what I would be saving if I went aftermarket as opposed to if I had Precise go through the process of ordering the part, painting the part and installing the part - 1200 vs 575. Professional place, highly recommended.

- Steve R.

Precise Auto Body was efficient and did great work. They delivered the car also freshly detailed with cleaned inside and out. The paint looks flawless and they did a great job of blending it with the surrounding area.

The only thing keeping me from giving a 5 star review is some issues in communication. I had brought my car in and then they asked if I could come back the following week as they would be able to get my car back to my quicker. I was happy to oblige, but wish the gentleman I spoke with on the phone did not tell me it was fine to bring in. Additionally, they said they could arrange the rental (via Enterprise/All State) for me. I asked if I needed to make a reservation and they said they would take care of me. Unfortunately that meant they would call enterprise and get me a ride to the lot. I definitely appreciate the service, it was great. They should have let me make a reservation as the insurance covered me for an 'Intermediate car' and this particular enterprise did not have any on the lot. My options were to go to an enterprise that did have one or to pay the difference for the updgrade to an SUV. It wasn't a big deal, but had I made the reservation I would have had an intermediate car or been upgraded to the SUV for no additional cost. That said, the experience was great, the work quality is very high, and everyone was very friendly and helpful.

- Manu N.


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